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So, I'm considering something I have never done before. I'm considering making a set of adoptables, and if so I'm not sure what the theme would be. For example I'm unsure if I want it to be large or small group, male, female, or mix, dark group, light group, or mix. I just don't know yet, but I'm more than happy to take in a few suggestions and would actually adore them because I'm unsure of what I should do.
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Okay, so other than the odd woman giving birth on the TV... whats going on in my life?
I started to talk to one of my best friends again!
I've been far too into Yu-Gi-Oh! again. Like I was having feelings because of the end of the damn show but it's because Puzzleship is my OTP
Has anyone read the book House of Leaves? I need to read this book, but it's so hard to get through and I'm not even sure as to why but oh well.
There are many books that I need to read... Also! Tumblr! If anyone wants to follow me on Tumblr I'm here:…

Well I need to get off, obviously I've been extremely active recently (sarcasm) but I need to get off the computer and get a shower before bed so GOODNIGHT WORLD!
So, I haven't updated my journal in AGES but it's not like anyone reads it anyway. xD

So yes, I'm sick. It's my friend Katy's fault because we share drinks all the time and I just don't care and so I got her sick. She was out of school for days because her chest hurt and she could hardly breath, was coughing all the time, and her stomach would get upset from drainage. So far I have chest pain and coughing, and that general not-feeling-good feeling, not to mention a bit of a fever.

So other things than my sick... life is boring. Depression getting bad with the weather... apparently the weather is going to get really bad as well. It's been snowing like a bitch and the temperature is evil cold. It was five degrees outside when I left for school. It was terrible.

Weather sucks.

Life is boring.

I'm sick.

This is my life

This is my real life.
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I bet you're thinking "OMG WHAT IS THIS?" I mean, me with a status that says "Happy Anniversary"?!?! What is this!?
Well, I'm sure a few people would remember last summer I got out of a relationship on this exact day, now no one other than my brother knew this until now, but that was the end of my longest abusive relationship. Last year on this exact day I got out of an abusive relationship, I'm sure other's can understand why I'm slightly celebrating. But still, HAPPY ANNIVERSARY TO ME! I'm sure anyone else who has been in an abusive relationship knows how hard it can be to get out of one. The fear, and the own self betrayal, but still, I managed, and am glad I have! GO ME!
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So I'm thinking about doing another summer project like last summer. Last summer I wrote my "Boarding House" thing, or at least started it.... But still, I'm thinking about doing another thing like that, so I'd like some feedback about that, like ideas of things for me to do. I especially want feedback from :iconoomoonwolfoo: because she was the one who read my whole boarding house thing from the very start and I would love some feedback from her. :3 But yeah, I would love some info please~~~~!!!! <3 ya all

<3 Toronto
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So, I am going to rant about the Glee season finale. So It was honestly a great episode. In the beginning I had my whole fear of the too much drama with Quinn, and lack of Blaine in the episode, but I was not disappointed. Now the beginning was interesting, my favorite quote being "Are you here for the show choir competition? Well all the other groups split rooms by sexual orientation." I lol'd. Hard.
   Kurt and Rachel had some rather awesome scenes. Like the "Breakfast at Tiffanie's" scene = glorious. Kurt saying "No, we need to break in" I'm sure made my life, but was totally overshadowed by what happened next. Kurt and Rachel singing one of my favorite songs on a Broadway stage. Chris and Lea's voices sound brilliant together especially with the song "For Good" from Wicked. I do think that the original was brilliant, I love the original with all my being, but the way Chris and Lea sound doing it took a small spot in my heart forever.
   Quinn, like always, managed to have a BF [Bitch Fit] and go all "We should report Kurt and Rachel" but Santana talks her out of it by saying, "You need a hair cut" and by the way, love the new do Dianna, It looks great.
   So PUCK of all people, talks Finn into taking Rachel out on a date, in which she meets Kurt's idol, and then the date ends rather disappointingly.
   Now in the actual competition Rachel finally befriends Sunshine, and helps her out doing the song, all from her seat of course. Rachel and Finn sing Finn's original song and at the end of it they kiss, but then go into another original song, but in the end they still don't end up winning. :C Bummer....
   Then it goes to Kurt and Blaine talking in the Lima Bean about the trip then Blaine finally tells Kurt "I love you" while making an adorably derpy ILY face. Then Mercedes and Sam enter, and are totally dating, which is so cool! It ends up Rachel and Finn finally get almost-together [FINALLY] and apparently Will and Emma are back together, so the season goes out with a lot of happy couples and New Directions with 12th place.

   All in all it was a great episode and I'm looking forward to season three. <3
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I invite you all to be part of the rainbow pact. When someone else in the rainbow pact is in trouble, help them. You don't have to be part of the LGBT community. You just have to care. The rainbow pact should bring EVERYONE together, to protect everyone. Show you are part of the rainbow pact by having a rainbow ribbon on you. As a neclace, bracelet, hair tie. have it tied to your bag, on the zipper of your jacket. Just be part of it. Just for help. Please I call out all of my friends, part of the community or not. I want you to pass it on. I want you to be a part. I want you all to care.

I call :iconwerewolfmichael: :iconfallbird11: :iconhinarisenjo4818: :iconoomoonwolfoo: and anyone else. Please. Care.

The rainbow pact was inspired by this fanfiction. I know it's silly, but It gives me hope.…
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So yeah! My school is finally on break, and I am going up to Gettysburg for break! This would be more exciting if I could find my ipod... Yeah it's missing. I looked all over my room like 15 times and haven't found it. Well I hope it's at my dad's. I'll be dropping my dog off there tonight, and I'll look when I'm there too. So my room is more of a mess than normal. Well now I'm being yelled at and need to get off. so goodbye for a while! :3
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SO! For some reason I'm in a huge Kingdom Hearts mood. I blame my angst mood recently. It led me to reading angst fanfiction ((DON'T JUDGE!)) and of course, who's the best angst monster out there... drum roll please? It's.... ZEXION!!!!!

Zexy: God Damn it will you stop that!
me: what?
Zexy: Stop making me seem like the angsty teenage emo kid!
me: I'm sorry, but You have the hair, the small childish body, and well... IT JUST FITS! Dx
Zexy: *sighed* I got worse since she broke up with you.
Zexy: *chuckled* And you call ME the angsty one.


But, I read a fanfiction on called "Aphenphosmphobia"… It was good, but the ending was disappointing.

me: shhhh yes he is! ;3
Zexy: I hate youuuuu. -_-

So yes, I'm in a Zexion mood, yes my fangirling is continuing so I advise you either avoid me, or join me in the fangirling. Speaking of. I haven't gotten any comments on my "Miserable at best" story, so I figure everyone who read it likes how it ended, so I wont have to write more. xD *kida wanted to add to it but alright* xDDD
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So I've realized just how rude people can be without meaning to, or maybe they do, I will never know. I wonder sometimes if people realize some things they do towards one person can insult many others. I agree some people need to be told these things, but it is also often seen by people who have the same opinion but can also be inadvertently targeted by what was said.
   Also, leading someone on. I hate it. Respect a person. Some of them are smarter than you think, and deserve a hell of a lot better than you pretending till you get what you want. People like that make me sick.
   Loneliness can be a bitch sometimes. Everyone feels it, there's no reason to be ashamed of it, no reason to deny it. I've been suffering from it for a while now, and have been trying to come up with ways to get rid of it, or at least deal with it. I've been trying for a while, and some things work, some don't.
   Some people say "You take things too seriously" to me. I don't agree. I take things as seriously as I want, or can. Yes I get offended, yes I laugh at horrible things. I'm fucking human, we all fucking do! I have a short temper. I know. I don't have much patience for people, because after a while I get so sick and tired of them. I deal with them for a long time before I lose all patience and tolerance for them.
   I guess my rant is, everyone's human. We all have our little things that bother others, and things that bother us about other people. You may hold strong to your believes, but if you cling to tightly, like sand in your hand, everything will slip away faster than you can imagine. It's always better to believe what you believe, think what you think, but don't shove it out at everyone. Maybe if we all did this everyone's life would be a little more peaceful, and the world a better place, but listen to me now, sounding like some dumb ass peace-something-or-other, but I seriously think we can all calm down, just a little bit, that's all I wish of the world, or more the people in it... CALM THE FUCK DOWN.
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I have been thinking, a lot more recently. Thinking about who I am and what made me who I am. In short.  I've been thinking of my past and the things around me that made me who I am. I can't help but want to share it, just a little.

   These schools today, are a lot different than the schools our parents grew up in, yet really the same. Same dealing with drama,  teachers, and everything, but even though those are the same the people who blow through are all different, and that's what changes it. Times have changed so much, and the adults always discard it, but unfortunately they don't understand that these more recent generations are in worse conditions than theirs. They always say "my mother would have beat me if I-" and well, that's true, and now we can't handle insults, mainly because most of us who get insulted or yelled at by our parents, usually believe what they are told. And self esteem has gone down, and the suicide rate has gone up.
   Through my short time here on earth ((or other planets, you never know)) I have been at risk of suicide. A few things have always helped me through this. Music. Family. ((my brother mostly)) and Friends. I've met and lost a lot of friends, all have helped me along the way, in one way or another, all making me stronger. There are many who I miss, many who I forgot and many who honestly I have never met in person, and sometimes they are some of the best ones.
   I always think back to my first loss of a friend I really remember. Madison. She was cute I admit now, but that was first grade, even I was cute then! She randomly came up to me ((she was my closest friend at the time)) and told me she didn't like me anymore and that I should leave her alone. That was the spark of my downward spiral, I really never blamed her for it though. Like I said, it made me stronger.
I need to get myself to bed so enough nostalgia for now. haha
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So today I finally went to a doctor to find out whats wrong with me, and I find I have a sinus infection. It kinda sucks. I'm now heavily medicated and the doctor told me to stay home tomorrow, it's not fun. So I'll have a LOT of time to write and draw and everything so I'm more than happy to do something for someone!
   Also Tekko was a f---ing blasty blast! I had a lot of fun with :iconhinarisenjo4818: and all my other companions. I need her to post our photos on here so I can find all those epic cosplayers! I made many friends and proposed to a wedding-Grell. haha. It was very fun, and I'm glad I got to go.
   So through all this hoopla my puppy Lillie is still being a nutzo-crazy mutt, and I doubt that will change.


Has fun everyone! :3
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So I saw Sucker Punch last night, and to say the least IT WAS GLORIOUS! Hot chicks + leather clothing + Guns + kick ass Music = rgbisfdnpfgredfuobpgj Awesomeness. So I saw it and gained two things. ONE: I can never listen to music the same way again and TWO: Baby doll and Rocket are like ADORABLE!  They would be an adorable couple. And Rocket was pretty hot... A lot of scenes I was like "Omg... :hands over mouth in shock:" but in others I was loling and acting gangster. It was really cool. You must see it, I don't care who you are, you have to... that is all
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Soyeah I really should be asleeping, but obviously I'm not. Tomorrow is the amazing :iconhinarisenjo4818: 's birthday!!!!  And the day I'm sposed to get my phone charger!!!!! So my writer's block is fading slowly!!! I blame not rping with Steph for almost a week. xD It's killing her with boredom, and It's making me actually write! haha! Well Stuff for Tekko is slowly coming together, I need to get the ticket's from Anthony, 'cause if not I can only go on wither Thursday or Sunday, both day's it starts at 3pm. I want to go Friday... :C and Anthony should be going Sat. so if I just pay in the $30 and can go the other days and he goes Sat. then It would be cool right!? Dx Alright, calm down girly, soyeah. I'll have to bash him over the headdd. I need to trim my nails before tekko. Imagine Ciel Phantomhive with long fingernails. xD God, I'm going to be a really bad Ciel, but It'll be fun!!!! Well, I'm going to try and go to sleep now, if I don't go nutz and type Boarding House END part 2 of 2. xDDDDD NIGHT WORLD!!!!!!!!!!!!
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So yesterday, I killed my butterfly... I feel kinda bad about it, but not really, and that's what makes me feel sad. I'm sure some people here are familiar  with the butterfly project against self harm. I couldn't stop myself. I feel bad for everyone I may have let down in that, but oh well. So my friend is staying over, and my mom is all fawning over her. She's a great person, good at what she does, is smart, does what she's supposed to, is pretty, does well in school, and all of this my mom LOVES and she always shoots me these disapproving glances when she goes over these things about Nikki. Worst thing is, I know it's making her uncomfortable and it's hurting her knowing how upset I'm getting over it. It sucks, and I feel bad for Nikki because of all the stuff going on in her life. It's hard on her, then my mom gets all idek. oh well. Oh a better[ish] note, I started the 1,000 paper cranes. I have seven done... yeah not big compared to 1,000. 993 to go!!!!!!!! Yeah, I'm a bit of a looser, they will all be on lined paper and brown thick paper [idk what its called so yeah] Also, my phone charger is effed up, a ripped wire or two in the cord. I need a new one, but in the meantime I have one bar of life. [fml] I'll try and get my mamma to get me a new one, but I'm not sure how well that will happen any time soon, so sorry :iconoomoonwolfoo: and :iconhinarisenjo4818: whom are the two people I'm texting most. and Steph sent me a message on FB about how she's lonely because I wasn't texting her, well sorry honey, I wont be doing it any time soon. and Amy babe, sorry lurv. <3 Well it is 12:07am on a school night I should probably be going to bed, wish me luck!
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Solike I really wanna cosplay as Ciel, but there's only one cosplay outfit I could afford, yet I can't afford it!… xD but since I can't get it... I could only cosplay as slave Ciel. :C Really bad too... well I was gonna try and do a cosplay pic of this:… yeah... butyeah It'd be the easiest cosplay solution... butyeah I could pull this off... :…

BTW! If I know any toooootally awesome people who wanted to manage to get me this:… you are my god!!!!!!! just sayin.
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So I find myself incapable of posting anything until the weekend accept stories. There's a chance I might not even post anything until late Sunday, because I have state quals. in 4n6 this weekend. I'm switching over to poetry because no prose. haha. Well, I'm also being all "Hey everyone there's an awesome artist whom I spent the weekend with watching star trek, and we finally watched each other here, so if you enjoy awesome art go and check out :iconhinarisenjo4818: She is awesome, and one of my brohoes -w- and still owes me a picture from last year in Comp. class! She never finished it! Dx yeah Steph, I'm calling you out. haha. Love you hun. :3 Well I'm also kinda really in need of my dog to get off of me! Well, other than that I was going to say something but now forget it. Well, I'm still open for any suggestions on what to draw or write. :3 Probably have more Pacthesis fan art coming up, I'm all happy because of the fem-love chances in there. :3 Lovin' it so hard.
Well, my heart is broken. Steelers lost the super bowl... *cries* oh well, whats done is done. </3 well there's always next year. :3
Okay, my writing has been rather rusty, so I'm going to do a few of those SongFic memes. Yep, so if anyone has any songs I don't know you should link me, 'cause I want more music anyway. :3
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okay, I have a legitimate question here, is ANY MALE CHARACTER IN KINGDOM HEARTS STRAIT! I swear! I'm playing "birth by sleep" and jesus god they aren't even strait in this! It's freaky! If anyone finds a legit strait pairing, other than Marluxia and a pencil sharpener with a skirt, let me know. Like omg!!!
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